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the Strutt family estate, an ice house and more …

Bridge Hill House

Our home was built by ourselves on the site of the former Strutt family estate land.  This is where the original Bridge Hill House* was built and it had extensive grounds; many of the existing majestic trees, cedars, copper beech and yew planted by the Strutts, frame many of the views from our house.  We are fortunate that within our grounds is the Strutt estate ice house and vaulted chambers, built as service facilities for the original mansion.  The structures are listed and are the last substantial remains of the estate. 

Our Build

Construction of the existing Bridge Hill House started in 2006. The foundations and Derbyshire grit stone walls were built sept06crane_221x166quickly and expertly by our builders. Then at wall plate we took over and with help from by our builder friend Andy finally completed the build in 2012.  It has been a long and testing job but the results make us feel proud of ourselves. We can now say that we have built a house.  Now it is finished we thought it too good to keep just to ourselves, and it only seems right to share it with others. So our B&B business began.

We have many interests between us and we enjoy meeting people. There is always something going on, life is full and busy. 

house Shell 221x166Come and stay at Bridge Hill House  , we can give you a guided tour of our achievement. 

Caroline and Steve

*The original Bridge Hill House was built between 1793-5 for George Benson Strutt, son of industrialist Jedediah Strutt. It was built of stone and stood on a grassy incline overlooking the town and mills of Belper, a fitting mansion for the town’s benefactors. Unfortunately it was demolished in 1938 and the land sold off to pay death duties.