Prehistoric to the Middle Ages

In ancient England stone circles were built not only at Stonehenge but also (on a smaller scale) in Derbyshire and the Peak District, there are around 20 circles surviving. You can see Prehistoric caves in Nottinghamshire where in April 2003, engravings and bas_reliefs were found on the walls and ceilings of some of the caves, an important find as it had previously been thought that no British cave art existed.
Visit some fine Roman Towns such as Chester, Lincoln, York and Bath where archaeological digs have uncovered some stunning Roman architecture.
If you are interested in seeing ancient treasure, we can take you to see the “Staffordshire hoard”, a fairly recent impressive Anglo Saxon find. We are also within reach of a number of Britain’s ancient battle fields, the most influential, Bosworth, is where Richard III fell, whose body was recently discovered under a car park in Leicester. Visit the sites where battles took place over the right to rule over England.

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