Britain’s splendid collection of Cathedrals and Churches

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There is nothing that evokes a sense of heritage more than the Cathedrals and Churches of England. These historic treasures range from fabulous cathedrals, some of the most elaborate and effusive examples of medieval architecture, to isolated country Parish Churches, slumbering away the years amid quiet lanes and hedgerows. The Church of England owns the largest estate of built heritage in the country with over 12,500 Cathedrals and Churches. They tell stories of kings, battles and wars and of everyday life and contain a vast array of treasures from medieval wall paintings to original script, beautifully crafted monuments and stained glass windows.

Visit some of the most spectacular and interesting Cathedrals and Churches. Lincoln Cathedral was said to be the tallest building in the world for 238 years from 1311 to 1549 it is the third largest in Britain in floor space and sitting on top of a hill in what is a relatively flat county it can be seen for miles. York Minster is even larger and is renowned for having the largest expanse of medieval stained glass in the world.

Smaller less well known Parish Churches have a wealth of history too, the Parish Church of All Saints in Bakewell dates from Saxon times and displays Saxon carvings in the porch, as well as stone coffins (complete with drain holes!) You can also visit the Parish Church of St Michael at the village of Hathersage where it is said that Little John of Robin Hood fame is buried, you can see what is reported to be his grave. You can look for the Eyre Brasses” relating to several generations of a local family since the 15th Century and who inspired Charotte Bronte to name her heroine Jane Eyre

The Cathedrals and Churches of England are waiting to be explored and experienced.
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