Follow in the footsteps of your English Ancestors

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These days it is relatively easy in most cases to create a family tree from the good quality genealogy data that is available online. However once you know where you come from it is something else to actually go there and walk in the steps of your ancestors. We would like to assist you in your journey of discovery.

Visiting ancestral roots is unforgettable. Caroline your host at Bridge Hill House has traced her family tree and is completely intrigued by it and the surprises it sometimes brings! We visit villages and towns, including the churches where family were baptized and buried, discovering burial plots and reading headstones. It is not too difficult, from census information, to identify the actual property that they lived or worked in; and, assuming that the property is still there, see the front door steps and thresholds that ancestors crossed and the windows that they looked out from. The process helps to identify your roots, it is personal and emotional.

Take a guided walk around your ancestral roots. Hear how life was in the area where your family lived, what the economic/social forces were that encouraged them to emigrate! To see it, take in the smells and sounds adds a new dimension. Knowing more about the area helps you to understand why things happened.

Just a few miles from Bridge Hill House is the area where the Pilgrim Fathers set out. Visit the Mayflower Trail

Pilgrim Fathers
Welcome to Pilgrim Country

Pilgrim Country nestles on the crossroads of three English counties. It overlaps the district of Bassetlaw in North Nottinghamshire along with South Yorkshire and Lincolnshire and it covers roughly 50 square miles of picturesque villages and charming market towns.

You can download a copy of the Mayflower Trail for your visit. A circular tour, it takes you to the historic sites associated with the principal players in the Pilgrim Fathers’ story, whose lives are well documented.

There’s much more to see in Pilgrim Country so take advantage of the area’s other historic attractions. Nottingham, Lincoln, York, the Yorkshire Dales, and the great outdoors of Derbyshire and the Peak District are all nearby. The legendary Sherwood Forest and literary landscapes of D. H. Lawrence and Lord Byron country are also just a stone’s throw away, so your short break can easily turn into an extended stay.

2007 marked the 400th anniversary of the founding Pilgrim Fathers leaving Bassetlaw to start their new life in Holland. It was 13 years later, in 1620, when the Pilgrims finally reached Plymouth, USA.

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