Visits to places that inspired English literature are increasingly popular, you can see sites that shaped the lives of famous writers and their work. Visit the physical traces of a writer’s life and the landscapes, towns and buildings that are brought to life in their literature.
Visit the home town of the Bard, William Shakespeare a literary genius see where his Mother lived and the pretty thatched cottage of his wife Ann Hathaway. The windswept and lonely moors of Yorkshire near the village of Haworth gave inspiration for the literary works of Charlotte Bronte. Visit the Parsonage, now a museum and experience the life of the village.
Newstead Abbey, the home of Byron and Rudyard, the village and lake from which Rudyard Kipling was named, famous for his literary works of the Just So stories, can all be explored. The town of Eastwood was the home of D H Lawrence, his life and literary works are captured in the Heritage centre and there is even an annual festival in his name.
You can also visit places used as film or costume drama adaptations interpreting the best sellers, such as at Chatsworth House, a film setting for Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, or Hardwick Hall used for J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter. We can also rrange theatre visits to see plays or to enjoy musical concerts providing memorable experiences.

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